Privacy and cookie statement

Each day, we dedicate ourselves to improving people’s daily lives. Sometimes, we require information to do so. This is not something we do for no reason at all. Ultimately, it’s all about your privacy. Your privacy is important to us. We approach it with the utmost seriousness and handle your personal information carefully. This page contains more information about this.

Personal data protection act

All information collected is obtained voluntarily. Sugarboo Designs B.V. always complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

What data do we collect from you?

  • If you visit our website, we send cookies to the device that you used to visit us.
  • When you make an online purchase from our website, we require data about you;
  • When you create an online profile;
  • If you want to stay informed on offers or product information.

How do we ensure the protection of your data

We take the protection of your data very seriously and take appropriate measures to combat abuse, loss, unauthorised access, unwanted publication and unauthorised changes. The measures we take to ensure the protection of your data are described below.

Technical measures

  • Logical and physical access security and device security from our host.
  • SSL security. This ensures that your data remains secure between the server and the internet browser
  • Technical management of authorisations (which are kept to a minimum) and the maintenance of log files
  • Addressing technical weak points Period updates are implemented as well as additional updates if increased security risk is determined.
  • Our host creates back-ups, which allows the availability of and access to personal data to be restored promptly
  • Data encryption
  • Data sent to third parties for logistics purposes are managed by SILS and deleted after a period of ten (10) years. 

Organisational measures

  • The creation of procedures for testing, assessing and evaluating security measures at set times
  • In the event of data leaks and security incidents, the measures taken depend on the situation and include: implementation of updates, changes to code, additional security measures, etc.
  • Concluding confidentiality and processor agreements

Inspecting, modifying and removing data

You are entitled to inspect, correct or remove your personal data. Please submit requests for inspection, correction or removal to We will respond to your request as soon as possible.

Do you have any questions or complaints?

Do you have any questions about your data, about the way in which we handle it or about this privacy statement? If so, please contact us at

If you have any complaints, such as those regarding the way in which we use your data, please submit them to the Dutch Data Protection Authority. 

Changes to the privacy statement

Sugarboo Designs B.V. reserves the right to modify this privacy statement. These changes will be implemented on this page. This statement has been in force since 25 May 2018.

Cookies during your visit to our website

Our website uses cookies and other technology. Cookies are small information files that are stored on the device you use to visit our website, such as a desktop PC, tablet or mobile device. When we use the term “cookies” below, we are sometimes referring to different but similar technologies.

Cookies make it possible to remember your data. They are helpful if you do not want to indicate your preferences every time that you visit. This allows us to make the website work better, gives us better insight into the general user behaviour on the website and enables other parties to learn about your browsing behaviour, so that they can show you personalised advertisements for multiple websites and not include irrelevant ads.

Cookies do not threaten the security of your computer in any way. We distinguish between various types of cookies:

Functional cookies

These cookies are required for the website to operate properly. For example, they assist in providing the correct information quickly. We will not request your consent when sending functional cookies.

Analytics cookies

These analyse how you use our website. For instance, these indicate whether you are a new or returning visitor, what pages you have viewed and what device you are using to visit. If the analytics cookies have no significant impact on privacy, no consent will be requested. If so, it will be requested.

Tracking cookies

These cookies enable us to follow your behaviour on our website. This allows us to provide advertisers with your website behaviour and in turn, they provide you with personalised online ads and customised content. We request your consent to send these cookies.

Social media plug-in cookies

These cookies are used on our website to display social media. We request your consent to send these cookies.

Most of these cookies are removed when you close your browser. Some cookies, such as the permanent cookies, are retained for longer. The duration may vary from a few days to several years. You can always disable cookies yourself or remove them from your device. How that is done depends on the internet browser or device. If you choose to remove cookies, the website may not operate as best as possible.

We use the following cookies:

Google Analytics

This is an analytics script that has limited impact on privacy. It is from We use it to analyse website statistics. The script automatically assigns website visitors a unique identification number (ID). This ID is sent to Google for every hit. The ID is used on the Google server in order to calculate website statistics. We do not request consent for this, because your personal data is anonymised. The ID is provided to Google, but is not used by Google for their own purposes.

Online ordering

If you want to place an order with us, we require some information from you.

We need your address information to deliver your product. We share this data with external service providers, such as shipping businesses, when necessary. These services are permitted to use your data for the service that they provide us with. We retain these data for as long as they are required.

Furthermore, we will also want to inform you about the order that you place. We require your email address to do this. We retain these data for as long as they are required.

Your transaction data are recorded during payment. We are required by the Dutch Tax and Customs Authority to retain these data for seven years.

We retain the data regarding your purchase for as long as necessary. This is useful if you are dissatisfied with a product.

We also use your data to gain better insight into the way our clients shop online. This allows us to adapt our product offerings to meet the needs of our customers.

Online account

When you place an order, we ask you to create an online account. We will ask for your name and email. We require these data to register your profile.

As soon as your online profile has been created, you can indicate whether you want to receive commercial notifications via email. This enables us to make contact if we have found something that you would find interesting. Examples of these include new products, unique offers or information on other topics.

We retain this profile until you are removed from the database. From a tax perspective, we are required to retain your transaction data for seven years. 

Signing up for the newsletter

If you want to remain informed of offers or information about products, you can sign up for the newsletter. We will record your name and email address in order to handle your request.

We retain this profile until you are removed from the database.